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Ketamine Treatment for Fibromyalgia in Chicago and Downers Grove

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Ketamine Treatment for Fibromyalgia in Chicago and Downers Grove

IV KETAMINE FOR Fibromyalgia

Discover Relief from Chronic Pain and Fatigue with Ketamine

Fibromyalgia, is a disease that causes pain and stiffness in the tissues that support and move the bones and joints. It is predominantly felt in the neck, spine, shoulders and hips, and can result in significant fatigue given that “more work” is required to perform day to day activities. The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that it affects an estimated 2% of the U.S. population, which includes more than 42,000 Chicago area adult residents. These residents (yourself included) are looking towards Ketamine for fibromyalgia treatment as an alternative or supplement to prescription painkillers and other potentially problematic medicines.

Ketamine, administered intravenously, presents a promising solution for those seeking effective alternatives to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia. At Innovative Psychedelics, our dedicated team is committed to crafting personalized treatment plans that harness the therapeutic potential of ketamine to alleviate the challenges of this condition. Safety and monitoring are paramount, creating a supportive environment for your journey towards enhanced well-being. Choose Innovative Psychedelics in Chicago or Downers Grove for fibromyalgia therapy that prioritizes your unique needs. Take the first step towards a life with less pain—schedule your consultation now and embrace the possibility of a brighter future.

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Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol

Clinical trials have consistently shown a 70-75% success rate with this approach. At Innovative Psychedelics, we have seen a 75-80% patient success rate.


Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL

Initial Treatment Series

Fibromyalgia treatment begins with a series six IV ketamine infusions over a two-week period.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL

Scheduled Infusions

Infusion appointments last 45–55 minutes. Total appointment time including pre-infusion and recovery will be approximately 90 minutes.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL


Maintenance infusions are recommended once per month after your initial series of six infusions. We recommended maintenance infusions for one year post treatment.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and arrive at your appointment in a good mental state with an open mind. Ketamine may cause nausea, so patients are pre-treated with (Zofran) prior to infusion. Plan to eat something light at least two hours prior to your infusion, but avoid a large meal right before your visit.


What to Expect

Most fibromyalgia patients find the ketamine infusion experience to be pleasant. Our treatment rooms are serene and offer privacy for peace of mind. Upon check in, we will take you to a room and place cardiac monitors on your chest. You will be offered a clean blanket and noise-cancelling headphones to wear during treatment.

Patients rarely fall asleep with this dose of ketamine, however you will go into a dream-like state (between dreaming and being awake, where you remain in control) that most find quite appealing. While the infusion for fibromyalgia generally lasts about 45-minutes, allow 90-minutes for your appointment to account for preparation and recovery.

Most effects of the medicine will wear off within minutes following the infusion, although you may feel more tired than usual for a few shorts hours after your visit. Ketamine is generally well-tolerated, but if any side effects are encountered (i.e. visual disturbances or elevated blood pressure) our attentive staff will quickly give IV medication to counteract them.