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Ketamine Treatment for Depression in Chicago and Downers Grove

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Ketamine Treatment for Depression in Chicago and Downers Grove


Low Dose Ketamine Helps Relieve Depression

Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in America, afflicting more than 8% of the adult population. Meanwhile, recent research has found that 29% of adults have been diagnosed with some form of depression in their lifetime. Based upon this information it can be concluded that nearly 170,000 Chicago area residents have experienced major depression, while over 611,000 have faced depression in varying degrees. Can anything be done as an alternative to traditional prescription medication? Ketamine treatment for depression has been gaining significant ground in Chicago and surrounding communities.

Our cutting-edge therapy offers a promising solution for those seeking effective alternatives. Ketamine, administered intravenously, has shown remarkable results in alleviating symptoms of depression. At Innovative Psychedelics, our skilled professionals guide you through this transformative journey, providing personalized care to optimize your mental well-being. Embrace a brighter future with our safe and monitored IV Ketamine Treatment. Take the first step toward healing—schedule your consultation today.

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Depression Treatment Protocol

Clinical trials have consistently shown a 70-75% success rate with this approach. At Innovative Psychedelics, we have seen a 75-80% patient success rate.


Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL

Initial Treatment Series

Depression treatment begins with a series six IV ketamine infusions over a two-week period.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL

Scheduled Infusions

Infusion appointments last 45–55 minutes. Total appointment time including pre-infusion and recovery will be approximately 90 minutes.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression Chicago IL


Maintenance infusions are recommended once per month after your initial series of six infusions. We recommended maintenance infusions for one year post treatment.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and arrive at your appointment in a good mental state with an open mind. Ketamine may cause nausea, so patients are pre-treated with (Zofran) prior to infusion. Plan to eat something light at least two hours prior to your infusion, but avoid a large meal right before your visit.


What to Expect

If you’re like most patients, you’ll find the ketamine infusion experience to be quite pleasant. Our treatment rooms are private, relaxing, and serene. Upon check-in, we will take you to a room and place cardiac monitors on your chest. You will be offered a clean and comfortable blanket in addition to noise-cancelling headphones to wear during treatment.

Patients typically do not go to sleep with this dose of ketamine, however you will go into a dream-like state where you remain in control. The infusion for depression treatment generally lasts about 45-minutes, but allow around 90 minutes for your appointment to account for preparation and recovery.

Most effects of the medicine will wear off within minutes after the infusion, but you may feel more tired than usual for a few hours following your visit. Ketamine is generally well-tolerated, but if any side effects are encountered, such as visual disturbances or elevated blood pressure, our staff will quickly give IV medication to counteract them.