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Laura’s story about beating depression

December 23, 2019

“Depression was my life,” said Laura, who suffered from severe depression and anxiety for more than 40 years. “When I was younger, I could push it aside to some extent, but as the years went by, depression began to win.” Laura, a mother of two, remembers waking up in the morning to get her kids ready for school, only to return to bed the minute the bus drove away. The depression was too much to handle some days. It consumed her. Laura began taking anti-depressants when SSRI drugs were first introduced in the 1980s, and has relied on various prescriptions for over 25 years. Nothing worked well, or long-term. As soon as she’d see some improvement and hope for it to continue, her depression would return. Ketamine has changed that. Laura now understands what “normal” feels like.

Laura found her way to Innovative Ketamine after hearing a book review about psychedelics for mental health. Shortly thereafter, she heard an advertisement for Innovative Ketamine, which prompted her to do some research. Laura knew she had to give it a try. Even though nothing else had worked, she wasn’t ready to give up. Laura knew ketamine was different almost immediately. After just one week of treatment, the fog in her brain was gone. There was no more haze. She felt confident and capable of managing life.

Laura is now thriving. She takes just one-third of the prescription medications she used to rely on, and feels happy and hopeful again. Laura returns to Innovative Ketamine every three weeks for maintenance treatments and is beginning counseling again to further support her health.

Above all, Laura wants other patients to know that the dark cloud can be lifted. There is hope. “I am proof that even if you’ve been depressed your entire life, it is possible to be free from that. Ketamine hasn’t helped me to feel a little better, it has changed my life.”